The Starks Garden Club

The Starks Garden Club


 Welcome to our website.

   The Starks Garden Club, was Founded July 2010. It was a dream of Ms. Clovie Holmes that came true. We hope you will bear with us as we are putting down roots and growing together.

    Our mission is to beautify and to promote pride in our community, to have harmony, as well as to learn about horticulture and conservation.

           Thank you for visiting our site.   

                                 Jacqueline Barks Barnes

The Starks Garden Club meets @ 9:00 AM, the second Monday of each month. Meeting place: Starks Lions Club, Evangeline Hwy, Starks, LA.

President -- Jacqueline Barnes

Vice President -- Clovie Holmes

Secretary -- Flora Belle Bussell

Treasurer -- Alice  Linscomb

Reporter -- Evelyn White



Historian -- Susie Gillis


Past Officers 2011

President - Clovie Holmes

Vice President - Jacqueline Barnes

Secretary -1. Regina Bussell

                       2. Evon Mizenmayer

Treasurer - Alice Linscomb

Historian - 1. Paula Ortego

                      2. Marie Walker






Installation Ceremony @ Willard & Evelyn White

   Willard & Evelyn White graciously hosted an Installation Of Officers Luncheon at their home July 9, 2012. There were 12 members present. The outgoing officers were honored and an appreciation gift was given for their dedication and service to the club.

                                                 Jackie B.

You can't spell "Member" without "me" and you can't spell "success" without "u"!

We are beginning a new year and accepting new members. Contact a member or join us at our next meeting. The second Monday of each month at the Starks Lions Club. Dues are $12.00 a year. 

What we are working on!!

We are working on publishing a Starks Garden Club Cookbook, placing three more"Welcome to Starks" signs, putting in more plants downtown, and a Gospel singing in the Fall!

MayHaw Festival 2012

We did it!!! Our Garden Club had a beautiful booth...all decked out! And our plant sale was phenominal. Thanks to the members who donated plants and their time to work the booth. Our Sale was a success!!! We also did a good job with our auction items and our Cart we raffeled off.

Ms.Kim Statum was the lucky winner of our Garden Cart full of gardening items. May she put it all to good use!!!

A special Thanks to Mark Gillis, club member Susie Gillis's son, for donating plants and for also working our booth. He was such a big help to us. Thanks Mark!!

A big thank you to all that supported us this weekend! We will be back same time, same place next year...maybe even bigger and better!

                                                                             Jackie B.

"Those who can gardens & those who gardens can"!

SPRING LUNCHEON @ R.T. & Jackie Barnes

We had a very good time at our Garden Club Meeting and Luncheon. There were twenty members present. The weather was wonderful for it was held outside. Fellowship was heartfelt and warming. Many thanks over for those that helpd to make it a success.

President- Clovie Holmes held the meeting. Secretary- Evon Mizenmayer read the minutes. Treasurer -Alice Linscomb numbered the plants for the exchange. Marie Heard Walker read an awesome story about the lowly Dandelion. A very touching story.  Jeannette Sullivan said the luncheon blessing. A wonderful day the Lord hath made.

Members.. we are making progress.

Dolly Frug'e has done a wonderful job in taking care of the downtown crape myrtles. She has freely given of her time, knowledge of plants and money in helping this club get it's footing. Thanks for all you do!


Our trip to Houmas House

There were 10 Garden Club Members, Allen & Jean Martinez, Flora Bussell, Evon Mizenmayer, Evelyn White, Jeanette Sullivan, Clovie Holmes, Alice Linscomb, Paula Ortego and Jacqueline Barnes, that traveled together to Baton Rouge, La to tour the Houmas House Plantation. Such a wonderful day. The weather was really nice, the fellowship was awesome and heart warming and the Plantation grounds were absolutely magnificient. We came away with many ideas and wants.

Sister Jeanette Sullivan played the Baby Grand Piano for us. The piano was original to the house. A job well done!

We had lunch on the premises at a little cafe and the food was very good with a generous amount on each plate. No complaints from any one.

Mr. Allen Martinez and wife Jean, chaufferred us  and so generously gave of their time and energy to see to our comfort. They had such an impact on our day.. 

A big thanks also to Bro. Shields for the use of their Church Van.

Ms. Clovie Holmes had a small game for us to play on the journey home and she put it all together to make a small booklet. A memorable keepsake.

Many thanks over to all that helped to make a lasting memory for us.  May God continue to bless each and everyone of you. ~ Club Member~ Jackie


 Guest Speaker, Master Rosarian, Mr. Dale Dardeau

The meeting will be Monday, February 14, 2011 @ 10 AM at the Starks Lions Club. We are going to have a Valentine Luncheon. Please bring Finger Foods, savory or sweet and your own drinks.

Mr. Dale Dardeau will be our guest speaker. He will be discussing Roses and their care. We so hope to see you there.